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 Spellbook Spells (KantotMAXed and KantotMage)

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PostSubject: Spellbook Spells (KantotMAXed and KantotMage)   Sun Jun 23, 2013 8:18 pm

Using spells level up your magic level

  Spell            Recipes                                Req.Lvl           Effect

[th]Spell[/th][th]Recipes[/th][th]Req. Level[/th][th]Req. Spells[/th][th]Effect[/th]
ArmourFull set of gold armour8N/AMagic armour that makes you invincible
BlinkOne Enderpearl3N/ABlink to the target
BoltFlint and steel, Emerald4N/ABrings a bolt of lightning to the ground
ButcherDiamond Sword5N/AKills all nearby enemies
ConfuseRotten Flesh, Gunpowder, Bone, Gold Nugget2N/AMakes nearby mobs attack eachouther
DigDiamond Pickaxe1N/ABreaks the block you are looking at
Dispel4 Milk Buckets1N/AClears all potion effects
EnderchestAn Enderchest2N/AOpens your enderchest
ExplodeA stack of TNT8N/AMakes an explosion at the target block (worldguard can block this)
Feather8 Feathers1N/ALets you float down to the ground nice and soft!
FeedBeef, Chicken, Fish1N/AFeeds you a bit
FireRing4 Flint and Steel5N/ACreates a ring of fire around you
FireballBlaze rod and Coal2N/AShoots a fireball
FlameStep4 Lava Buckets, 16 blaze powder, 32 torches, 8 fireballs10N/AEverything burns as you walk
Flare16 blaze rods, 16 coal5FireballShoots a very large fireball
Fly32 Feathers4FeatherAllows you to fly
FrenzyEnderpearl, Rotten Flesh, Gunpowder, String, Bone, Gold Ingot5ConfuseUpgraded Confuse
GrowOak Sapling, Bone, Seeds1N/AJust like bonemeal
HealGolden Apple (gold nugget one)1N/AGet better soon!
HomeFurnace, Bed, Wooden Door3N/AAllows you to do /cast home set and /cast home (like Essentials homes)
Jail64 iron bars10N/ALocks your enemy up in an invincible cage (but it dissappears)
LifeSteal2 ghast tears2N/AHurts your enemy and heals you
Mana16 Glowstone Dust1N/AConverts your health into mana
PhaseEye of Ender, Enderpearl4BlinkPhase through walls
ProspectDiamond, Gold Ingot, Iron Ingot, Coal4N/ATells you what ores are nearby in a radius of 3 blocks
PunchIron Sword, Splash Potion of Instant Damage 11N/APunches the target
RepairAnvil1N/AExtends the life of your tool by 30
SatisfyGold Carrot, Gold Apple (teir 1), 8 Cooked Beef, 8 Cooked Chicken3N/ACompletely heals you and feeds you
Smite2 Flint and Steel and one diamond8BoltBrings the power of thor down (many times Very Happy)
SuperHeat8 Coal and a Furnace1N/ACooks cobble, sand, and PIGS!
VanishPotion of extended invisibility2N/AMakes you invisible for 30 seconds
VisionPotion of extended nightvision2N/AAllows you to see in the dark for 30 seconds
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Spellbook Spells (KantotMAXed and KantotMage)
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